Sunday, March 10, 2013

So, after three weeks of hard work, I got this. It is doesn't look like the previous concept, but I think it works better.
Clothing so difficult for modeling! I just remodeled it a million times, thank God I have topogan, it makes the retopology easier.

I'm going to simplify the whole work, because I totally don't have time and I want to try 2d render like this

Also, I think the monster will look different, sadly I do not have time for all those leaves =(.


Anonymous said...

Looking great!
Although I really like your 2d concept's proportion a lot more. It's more cartoony and the 1 button plus skinning legs are super cute! It looks more stylized and may prove to match the 2d rendering you mention more, too. I feel some of that adoring attributes of your 2d artwork are somewhat lost in the 3d model...
Anyways, that's just my opinion.

a fan

Margarita Sheshukova said...

Thanks for this comment! I agree every word!
Yeah, I also like my previous concept much more, but when I sketched it in 3d, I realized that some places will be too hard to deform and it will take too much time to set up. I'll try to describe it in the next post.

Also, my teacher doesn't like skinny legs, he asked me to make them thicker -.-
Anyway I think I'll do a simplified version of animated film to the deadline, and after this I'll work on a much more complete and personal version, because I like this theme and I want to get a good result =)