Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oh, nothing to show today =(
I've got too many tasks at the studio, so I had very little time to work on the boy.
I'm working on UV's currently. I hope I will make the textures in the next weekend and some blendshapes.

And the small sketch to make this post not so empty

I think that can be called like: "I'm ready for spring, but the spring isn't ready for me"


thedannie said...

Hey there!

I've just found your dA site, and I have to admit that I'm totally obsessed with your drawings lol You are SO talented! Wow!

Would you allow me to use one of your drawings in my new blogger header? It will look pretty similar to my current one.

This is the picture I would like to use:

Of course I would leave your credits under my "Credits"-Section, so that everyone would see, that the picture is made by you.

So what would you say? :)


Margarita Sheshukova said...

well, i don't mind =).

Relyss said...

Spring isn't ready for me either! :'(