Sunday, November 6, 2011

practice and other

   Sorry for not updating! My working practice continues so I'm still very busy. Anyway, I have something to show a little =)

   Yeah, here is a guy! For a long time, this is the first time when I like how it turned out. Men drawing are not so usual to me, it's hard to catch a good facial proportions -.-
   I so much love when you can see brush strokes in paintings, so I tried to make it painterly, feel like I wouldn't want to use color blending for ever!

   And here a picture ( actually they are not very new), where I tried to use some of styles. It was so fun and easy! I have one epic idea to illustrate in this style. I hope I can realize it someday.

P. S. The next few months I will concentrate on the study of anatomy, so do not be surprised if you see some nude paintings for study here, he-he =P
Thanks for looking!


Domantas said...

I really love your colors and lighting. I'm jealous! :D

Margarita Sheshukova said...

Thank you! =)

Anonymous said...

waaa your use of color is just amazing! love your art!!

Anonymous said...

way much better then my first time drawing a guy