Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some new after a long silence.

Don't update here for a long time. October was a bit difficult because of exams, but now I'm a little more free to create some personal work and to learn some things.
I think it's time to start practicing a traditional art, especially in oil painting. I did it last year, but I stopped due to some reasons, so I need to start it again. Finally, I'm going to paint a portrait of my grandfather this weekend, he asked me about it for so long.
Here, a small watercolor. I did it last week, it must be something like a poster for my next animated film (start to do it only next summer I think), I tried to catch the atmosphere of this. I usually work from dark to light, so the watercolor is hard but interesting :)

The picture below is a concept character for my student's work, they had to be converted into 3D. But this time I have a completely different idea for a student's work.

And yes, I study the Maya, I think most of the basics already learned. Absolutely love this program. Btw I will do one of these characters in Maya, for the study.

Image below is a very spontaneous thing. I wanted to draw something on Halloween, but I have no good ideas yet. So here 2 portraits (again). The picture on the left was unsuccessful, too big eyes that would be seen a pumpkin in the eye. Portrait on the right I like more, but it has no idea. I recorded the process of this drawing, will put it soon on YouTube.

And the last is also a spontaneous drawing I'm working on. Finished in a few days =).

ooh don't like spontaneous things. I need to finish what is planned at first, but I can not control it sometimes -.-

My sister said that all my characters are visited only one hairdresser lol, It's right.
sorry for so many words, I hope you have good days =)


Raymond said...

well at least ur characters r visiting a great hairdresser :D

Margarita Sheshukova said...

hehe thanks a lot! =D