Sunday, June 29, 2014


Hey! Sorry for the absence!
It's time to tell what is going on =/)
First of all now I'm a student of animation school. I am studying traditional 2d animation and now at home I have the epic chaos of paper and pencils.
Over the past year I have learned that before school I know about animation nothing. I would be glad to show you some animations, but my assignments are still in progress. It's a really long process!

Summer is vacation time in school so I had the opportunity and time to study 3d animation on CGTarian. There are contests and the winner gets a free course. Unexpectedly I was chosen as a winner and now I'm studying online course Physics of Animation. It has recently begun but I think I can already say that it's superbly!It sounds like an advertisement but I'm just really admire it and I would like to tell more about this course, but probably later.

Here is my animation for the competition. Theme is "super power"

And one more animation from a week of intensive course of Gobelins in Moscow.
Yoshimichi Tamura was our mentor, he is soo :333.. nice mentor I mean, he-he.

Study acting from Margarita Sheshukova on Vimeo.

Also lately I spend a lot of time in ZBrush. I finally figured out how it works and this interface... customizable mmm. I can spend hours just placing buttons :}
Here are some wips.

Well, some girl, as usual. I find that Zbrush is the best way to practice anatomy. I highly recommend, it is great development for skills

Gandalf! I dream of Gandalf figure on my desk, so I'm working on it.

Some sketches and wips. They aren't new, but I'll just put them here.
I have to say I have accumulated a bunch of unfinished illustrations, but my attention was directed to the study of animation, so I really don't draw in this period much.

One last important thing I have a Tumblr now! It was in test mode for a long time, but now I'm sure I would use it. So welcome!
I have 2 blogs now and I love both of these places, so I decided that the tumblr is for frequent short updates and the blogspot for more substantive monthly posts (probably at the end of each month). I think it will work quite well for me.

argh, I so much want to be active in internet again, hope I can, I will try!
And thank you guys for your support and for every message that I received, it means a lot for me.
See you later!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Graduated! Finally!

Hi everyone!
I'm finally free!!!!
Ah, just as I expected, I was not able to make a full animation, it takes a lot more time! So my final work is an animatic, but my topic was not a creation of the animation, it was the character design, so I got the highest mark ^^.

I want to share with you the animatic, because I will continue to work on this animated film and bringing it to the end. It's just a playblast from viewport of Maya, without rendering and animation. I will totally rebuild the environment, remodel the trees and other objects and repaint texture. And the boy needs another skeleton, because I made some mistakes in his skeleton, eh.
so here is it

Animatic from Mar-ka on Vimeo.

And here the the final concepts of the characters.

And here is my progress, looks like I have a ton of work here -.-

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Did I say that I hate the Russian education system?
A few days ago I learned that my animation is not an important thing -.-, much more important to write a note on 60 pages. And another awful thing that the committee doesn't understand anything in the animations and films. They are economists, lol. This is all because of my institute was attached to the Higher School of Economics and now we are surrounded by economists.

Anyway, my work continues.
This weekend I spent in searching for a rig and i chose the "FREE RIG&SETUP AUTO v2.2". i didn't test it much but looks like it something that works really good.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I think textures are done. Sometimes I forget that the boy is bald, haha. I hope I will do his hair soon.

I started to work on the monster. Here a rough zbrush model. I still have much work on it.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I decided to make textures in a painting style. Boots and eyes are not finished I just added some base colors. That is why it looks so rough.

back to texturing.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Watched “The croods”! =D Oh this is so emotional film! So epic!So many cute animals! Dreamworks amazed me again. I don’t remember how looks this cat, so I peeked from Chris Sanders’ drawings ^^

And a bit about my project. Сurrent stage pretty boring and slow but UVs finaly done!
I played with this method of the whole week and I'm not sure that this is what I need, it is pretty slows down my computer =(. So the textures is still in progress.

Here super quick sketch just how I imagine the environment haha =)

back to work ;)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oh, nothing to show today =(
I've got too many tasks at the studio, so I had very little time to work on the boy.
I'm working on UV's currently. I hope I will make the textures in the next weekend and some blendshapes.

And the small sketch to make this post not so empty

I think that can be called like: "I'm ready for spring, but the spring isn't ready for me"

Sunday, March 10, 2013

So, after three weeks of hard work, I got this. It is doesn't look like the previous concept, but I think it works better.
Clothing so difficult for modeling! I just remodeled it a million times, thank God I have topogan, it makes the retopology easier.

I'm going to simplify the whole work, because I totally don't have time and I want to try 2d render like this

Also, I think the monster will look different, sadly I do not have time for all those leaves =(.