Sunday, June 29, 2014


Hey! Sorry for the absence!
It's time to tell what is going on =/)
First of all now I'm a student of animation school. I am studying traditional 2d animation and now at home I have the epic chaos of paper and pencils.
Over the past year I have learned that before school I know about animation nothing. I would be glad to show you some animations, but my assignments are still in progress. It's a really long process!

Summer is vacation time in school so I had the opportunity and time to study 3d animation on CGTarian. There are contests and the winner gets a free course. Unexpectedly I was chosen as a winner and now I'm studying online course Physics of Animation. It has recently begun but I think I can already say that it's superbly!It sounds like an advertisement but I'm just really admire it and I would like to tell more about this course, but probably later.

Here is my animation for the competition. Theme is "super power"

And one more animation from a week of intensive course of Gobelins in Moscow.
Yoshimichi Tamura was our mentor, he is soo :333.. nice mentor I mean, he-he.

Study acting from Margarita Sheshukova on Vimeo.

Also lately I spend a lot of time in ZBrush. I finally figured out how it works and this interface... customizable mmm. I can spend hours just placing buttons :}
Here are some wips.

Well, some girl, as usual. I find that Zbrush is the best way to practice anatomy. I highly recommend, it is great development for skills

Gandalf! I dream of Gandalf figure on my desk, so I'm working on it.

Some sketches and wips. They aren't new, but I'll just put them here.
I have to say I have accumulated a bunch of unfinished illustrations, but my attention was directed to the study of animation, so I really don't draw in this period much.

One last important thing I have a Tumblr now! It was in test mode for a long time, but now I'm sure I would use it. So welcome!
I have 2 blogs now and I love both of these places, so I decided that the tumblr is for frequent short updates and the blogspot for more substantive monthly posts (probably at the end of each month). I think it will work quite well for me.

argh, I so much want to be active in internet again, hope I can, I will try!
And thank you guys for your support and for every message that I received, it means a lot for me.
See you later!

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Noxmoony said...

Wow that is amazing news! You have definitely leveled up your animation skills. Really beautiful subtle acting there! And loving your Zbrush sculpts a lot! Really great to see an update from you. All the very best with your future works :D