Sunday, April 14, 2013

Did I say that I hate the Russian education system?
A few days ago I learned that my animation is not an important thing -.-, much more important to write a note on 60 pages. And another awful thing that the committee doesn't understand anything in the animations and films. They are economists, lol. This is all because of my institute was attached to the Higher School of Economics and now we are surrounded by economists.

Anyway, my work continues.
This weekend I spent in searching for a rig and i chose the "FREE RIG&SETUP AUTO v2.2". i didn't test it much but looks like it something that works really good.


AikoCraft said...

Hey keep up the good work ! Your work is awesome ! I discovered you on youtube :) ! So happy to found your blog :) ! Good luck for your projects! ;)

AikoCraft said...

What software do you use to create your models ? ^^

Chaila J.S. Putta said...

Awesome ... My name is Chaila .J.S. Putta I'm a 20 year old artist from Zambia... A novice though.. Do you know any good free apple 3d drawing app? and are you on Facebook.

Margarita Sheshukova said...

AikoCraft - Thanks!
I use Zbrush to sculpt characters, Topogun for retopology, The foundry Mari and Photoshop for texturing, Maya for everything else.

Chaila J.S. Putta - No, sorry I don't use Apple. Yes, I have a facebook account, but it is not active and I don't use it at all.