Friday, February 22, 2013

Hey! I'm caught a cold so I have time to make a post ;).
I'm working on a very short 3d animated film and I have only 4 months before deadline -.-
I decided to post here the progress at least once a week. I think this is a good motivation for me and nice practice in self-discipline.
Here, a small part of a very rough storyboard. It's a simple story about boy and monster. i think i am bad story writer, heh.

Concepts of boy:

Here concept of monster. I want a creature without hair because hair hard for render and dynamics. I think it will look something like this, though not sure about colors ^^.


Estrella A.C said...

Really good work and blog!! I´m glad I found it, I´m your new follower! ;)
xo, E*

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Hélène said...

The creature is so cute <3